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Tooloulou’s Tooloulou’s is Dining Guide FavouriteCasual

403-762-2633403-762-2633204 Caribou St, Banff Closed


403-678-9989403-678-9989104 Elk Run Boulevard, Canmore Open until 5pm

The Iron GoatCasual

403-609-0222403-609-0222703 Benchlands Trail, Canmore Open until 11pm

Mii SushiCasual

403-675-3130403-675-31301A, 1306 Bow Valley Trail, Canmore Closed

Famous Chinese RestaurantCasual

403-678-9531 | 403-678-9535403-678-9531 | 403-678-9535702 10th St, Canmore Closed

Kimchi HouseCasual

780-852-5022780-852-5022407 Patricia St, Jasper Closed

The KegCasual

403-762-4442 403-762-4442 Caribou Lodge: 521 Banff Avenue , Banff Closed

Silver DragonCasual

403-762-3939403-762-3939109 Spray Avenue, Banff Closed

Earls in the RockiesCasual

780-852-3868780-852-3868600 Patricia St, Jasper Closed

Jasper China RestaurantCasual

780-852-3028780-852-3028615 Patricia St, Jasper Closed


403-760-8580403-760-8580345 Banff Avenue, Banff Closed

Indian Curry HouseCasual

587-222-8779587-222-8779225 Banff Avenue (2nd floor), Banff Closed

The Inn GrillCasual

780-852-3232780-852-323298 Geike St, Jasper Closed


403-762-3963403-762-3963206 Caribou Street, Banff Closed

Something ElseCasual

780-825-3850780-825-3850621 Patricia St, Jasper Closed

The DrakeCasual

403-678-5131403-678-5131909 Railway Avenue, Canmore Closed


403-760-8502403-760-8502461 Banff Avenue, Banff Closed

Trailhead CaféCasual

403-522-2006403-522-2006101 Lake Louise Dr, Lake Louise Closed

The Market BistroCasual

403-675-3006403-675-3006102, 75 Dyrgas , Canmore Closed

Pho HouseCasual

403-762-0334403-762-0334211 Banff Avenue (3rd floor), Banff Closed

Agni BistroCasualClosed for the Season

780-852-2724780-852-2724620 Connaught Drive, Jasper Closed

Mountain RestaurantCasual

403-522-3573403-522-3573200 Village Road, Lake Louise Closed


403-678-5959403-678-59592000 8 Avenue, Canmore Closed

The KegCasual

403-760-3030403-760-3030117 Banff Avenue, Banff Closed

Papa George’sCasual

780-852-2260780-852-2260404 Connaught Drive, Jasper Closed

Jasper Curry PlaceCasualClosed for the Season

780-852-2737780-852-2737632 Connaught Drive, Jasper Closed


403-675-9913403-675-9913101, 837 Main St, Canmore Closed


403-760-3255403-760-3255222 Lynx Street, Banff Closed

Lou Lou'sCasualFamily

780-852-3373780-852-3373407 Patricia Street, Jasper Closed

Mount Engadine LodgeCasual

587-807-0570587-807-05701 Shark Rd, 35km south of Canmore via Smith Dorrien Hwy, Canmore Closed


403-762-6860403-762-6860405 Spray Avenue (Fairmont Banff Springs), Banff Closed

Chez FrançoisCasual

403-678-6111403-678-61111716 Bow Valley Trail, Canmore Closed

Whisky JackCasual

780-852-3585780-852-3585100 Juniper St (next to Tonquin Inn), Jasper Closed

Mad Dog CaféCasual

403-679-7728403-679-7728113, 302 Old Canmore Rd, Canmore Closed


403-762-4414403-762-4414299 Banff Avenue at Wolf St , Banff Closed