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Looking for great food in Banff? The Dining Guide has you covered. Browse through the list below of our favourite Banff restaurants for previews of their menu, current specials, events and more!

Tooloulou’s Tooloulou’s is Dining Guide FavouriteCasual

403-762-2633403-762-2633204 Caribou St, Banff Open until 10pm Dine-In Take-Out

Vermillion Room The Vermillion Room is Dining Guide FavouriteFine

403-760-3933403-760-3933405 Spray Avenue, Fairmont Banff Springs, Banff Open until 10pm

Sleeping Buffalo Sleeping Buffalo is Dining Guide FavouriteUpscale

403-760-4484403-760-4484700 Tunnel Mountain Road, Banff Open until 9pm

Grizzly House Grizzly House is Dining Guide FavouriteUpscale

403-762-4055403-762-4055207 Banff Avenue, Banff Closed

Saltlik Saltlik is Dining Guide FavouriteUpscale

403-762-2467403-762-2467221 Bear Street, Banff Closed

Nourish Bistro Nourish Bistro is Dining Guide FavouriteUpscale

403-760-3933403-760-3933221 Bear St, Banff Closed


403-760-3255403-760-3255222 Lynx Street, Banff Open until 2pm


403-760-8502403-760-8502461 Banff Avenue, Banff Open until 11pm

Juniper BistroUpscale

403-763-6219403-763-62191 Juniper Road, Banff Open until 2pm

The EvergreenFine

403-760-6974403-760-6974459 Banff Avenue, Banff Open until 10pm


403-762-2622403-762-2622537 Banff Avenue, Banff Open until 11pm


403-762-3963403-762-3963206 Caribou Street, Banff Open until 10pm

The KegCasual

403-762-4442 403-762-4442 Caribou Lodge: 521 Banff Avenue , Banff Open until Midnight

El ToroUpscale

403-762-2520403-762-2520429 Banff Avenue, Banff Open until 11am

Farm & FireCasual

333 Banff Ave, Banff Open until 9pm Dine-In Delivery Take-Out


403-760-8580403-760-8580345 Banff Avenue, Banff Open until 11pm

Elk & OarsmanPub

403-762-4616403-762-4616119 Banff Avenue, Banff Closed

La TerrazzaUpscale

403-760-3271403-760-3271222 Lynx St, Banff Closed


403-985-2220403-985-2220109 Banff Ave, Banff Closed

Rundle BarUpscale

403-762-6860403-762-6860Fairmont Banff Springs, 405 Spray Avenue, Banff Closed


403-762-3848403-762-3848415 Banff Avenue, Banff Closed


403-762-4414403-762-4414299 Banff Avenue at Wolf St , Banff Closed

Pho HouseCasual

403-762-0334403-762-0334211 Banff Avenue (3rd floor), Banff Closed

St. James’s GatePub

403-762-9355403-762-9355207 Wolf Street, Banff Closed

The KegCasual

403-760-3030403-760-3030117 Banff Avenue, Banff Closed

1888 Chop HouseFine

403-762-6860403-762-6860Fairmont Banff Springs, 405 Spray Avenue, Banff Closed

Sky BistroUpscale

403-762-7475403-762-7475Mountain Ave, Banff Closed Dine-In

Old Spaghetti FactoryFamily

403-760-2779403-760-2779Cascade Shops, 317 Banff Avenue, Banff Closed

Silver DragonCasual

403-762-3939403-762-3939109 Spray Avenue, Banff Closed


403-762-1848403-762-1848Rimrock Resort Hotel, 300 Mountain Avenue, Banff Closed

Indian Curry HouseCasual

587-222-8779587-222-8779225 Banff Avenue (2nd floor), Banff Closed

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