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The Roaring RollsUpscale

Phone 403-675-4474 Phone 403-675-4474 Address 133, 304 Old Canmore Rd, Canmore

Kain TayoUpscale

Phone 403-675-3345Phone 403-675-3345Address 725 9 St, Canmore

Stoney’s BarCasual

Phone 403-609-6702Phone 403-609-6702Address 2000 Silvertip Trail, Canmore

Rocky Mountain Flatbread Co.Casual

Phone 403-609-5508Phone 403-609-5508Address 838 10 St, Canmore
Gaucho - Dining Guide


Phone 403-609-0583Phone 403-609-0583Address 633 10 St, Canmore

Tank 310Casual

Phone (403) 678-2487Phone (403) 678-2487Address 310 Old Canmore Road, Canmore

Orso TrattoriaFine

Phone 780-852-6052Phone 780-852-6052Address Jasper Park Lodge, 1 Old Lodge Rd, Jasper

Bill Peyto’s CafeCasual

Phone (403) 522-2200Phone (403) 522-2200Address 203 Village Road, Lake Louise
Gaucho - Dining Guide

Post Hotel Dining RoomUpscale

Phone (403) 522-3989Phone (403) 522-3989Address 200 Pipestone Road, Lake Louise

Lake Louise Railway Station & Restaurant

Phone (403) 522-2600Phone (403) 522-2600Address 200 Sentinel Road, Lake Louise

Bear’s Den SmokehouseCasual

Phone (403) 522-2359Phone (403) 522-2359Address 1 Whitehorn Road, Lake Louise

Sitzmark LoungeCasual

Phone (403) 522-3555Phone (403) 522-3555Address Improvement District No. 9, Lake Louise
Gaucho - Dining Guide

Chef’s Studio JapanCasual

Phone (403) 609-8383Phone (403) 609-8383Address #108-709 Main(8th)Street, Canmore

Where The Buffalo Roam SaloonCasual

Phone 403-675-2222Phone 403-675-2222Address 626 8 St, Canmore

Pizza HutFast Casual

Phone (403) 675-0770Phone (403) 675-0770Address 1160 Railway Avenue Unit 100, Canmore

Subway – Shops of CanmoreFast Casual

Phone (403) 675-5511Phone (403) 675-5511Address 1702 Bow Valley Trail Unit B, Canmore
Gaucho - Dining Guide

Subway – Downtown CanmoreFast Casual

Phone (403) 675-6755Phone (403) 675-6755Address 801 8 Street Bay 6, Canmore

The Grizzly Paw PubPub

Phone (403) 678-9983Phone (403) 678-9983Address 622 8 Street, Canmore


Phone (780) 852-3386Phone (780) 852-3386Address 510 Patricia Street, Jasper

Seasons RestaurantCasual

Phone (888) 876-8985Phone (888) 876-8985Address 94 Geikie Street, Jasper
Gaucho - Dining Guide

The Raven BistroCasual

Phone (780) 852-5151Phone (780) 852-5151Address 504 Patricia Street, Jasper

Subway – JasperFast Casual

Phone (780) 852-3991Phone (780) 852-3991Address 626 Connaught Drive A, Jasper

Famoso Neapolitan PizzeriaCasual

Phone (780) 852-5577Phone (780) 852-5577Address 607 Patricia Street, Jasper

Banff Ave Brewing Co.Pub

Phone (403) 762-1003Phone (403) 762-1003Address 110 Banff Avenue, Banff
Gaucho - Dining Guide

Tommy’s Neighbourhood PubPub

Phone (403) 762-8888Phone (403) 762-8888Address 120 Banff Avenue, Banff

Aardvark Pizza & SubFast Casual

Phone (403) 762-5500Phone (403) 762-5500Address 304a Caribou Street, Banff

Banff National PerkCasual

Phone (403) 762-8642Phone (403) 762-8642Address 220 Bear Street, Banff

Eddie Burger BarCasual

Phone (403) 762-2230Phone (403) 762-2230Address 137 Banff Avenue #6, Banff
Gaucho - Dining Guide

BeaverTailsFast Casual

Phone (403) 985-0086Phone (403) 985-0086Address 120 Banff Avenue, Banff

Balkan RestaurantCasual

Phone (403) 762-3454Phone (403) 762-3454Address 120 Banff Avenue, Banff

Rose & CrownPub

Phone (403) 762-2121Phone (403) 762-2121Address 202 Banff Avenue, Banff

Skoki’s Waffle and Frozen YogurtCasual

Phone 403-985-2220Phone 403-985-2220Address 109 Banff Ave, Banff
Gaucho - Dining Guide


Phone 403-675-0500Phone 403-675-0500Address 721 Main Street, Canmore

Lou Lou’s Breakfast & PizzeriaFamily

Phone 780-852-3373Phone 780-852-3373Address 407 Patricia Street, Jasper

Wild Bill’sPub

Phone (403) 762-0333Phone (403) 762-0333Address 201 Banff Ave, Banff

Rose & CrownPub

Bamboo Garden RestaurantCasual

Boston Pizza – BanffCasual

Phone (403) 762-2192Phone (403) 762-2192Address 201-225 Banff Ave, Banff

Seoul Country Korean RestaurantCasual

Phone (403) 762-4941Phone (403) 762-4941Address 215 Banff Ave, Banff

Sushi BistroCasual

Phone (403) 762-4000Phone (403) 762-4000Address 208 Caribou St, Banff
Gaucho - Dining Guide

Evelyn’s Coffee BarCasual

Phone (403) 762-2000Phone (403) 762-2000Address 215 Banff Ave, Banff

Athena PizzaFast Casual

Phone (403) 762-4022Phone (403) 762-4022Address 112b Banff Ave, Banff

Pad Thai RestaurantCasual

Phone (403) 762-4911Phone (403) 762-4911Address 110 Banff Ave, Banff

Maclab BistroUpscale

Phone (403) 762-6100Phone (403) 762-6100Address 107 Tunnel Mountain Dr, Banff

Banff ShawarmaCasual


Wild Flour BakeryCasual

Phone (403) 760-5074Phone (403) 760-5074Address 211 Bear St #101, Banff

Wild Flour BakeryCasual

Gaucho - Dining Guide


Vistas Dining HallCasual

Sushi House BanffCasual


Gaucho - Dining Guide

Brunos Bar & GrillPub

Maple LeafFine

Block Kitchen + BarUpscale

Dairy QueenFast Casual

Gaucho - Dining Guide

Subway – BanffFast Casual

Phone (403) 985-5599Phone (403) 985-5599Address 317 Banff Avenue Unit C3a, Banff

Edo JapanFast Casual

McDonald’sFast Casual

AardvarkFast Casual

Gaucho - Dining Guide

Rocky Mountain Flatbread BanffCasual

The EddieCasual

Dancing SasquatchPub

Magpie & StumpPub

Gaucho - Dining Guide

High RollersCasual

Park DistilleryCasual

The BalkanCasual

Chuck’s SteakhouseUpscale

Gaucho - Dining Guide

The Maple LeafFine

The BisonUpscale

Castello ItalianaUpscale

Phone 403-762-6860Phone 403-762-6860Address 405 Spray Ave, Banff

The Rose and CrownPub

Phone 403-678-5168Phone 403-678-5168Address 749 Railway Avenue, Canmore
Gaucho - Dining Guide

Georgetown Inn PubPub

Phone 403-961-0072 Phone 403-961-0072 Address 1101 Bow Valley Trail, Canmore

Mount Engadine LodgeCasual

Phone 587-807-0570Phone 587-807-0570Address 1 Shark Rd, 35km south of Canmore via Smith Dorrien Hwy, Canmore


Phone 403-675-9913Phone 403-675-9913Address 101, 837 Main St, Canmore

The Drake Public HouseCasual

Phone 403-678-5131Phone 403-678-5131Address 909 Railway Avenue, Canmore
Gaucho - Dining Guide

Mii Sushi & BBQCasual

Phone 403-675-3130Phone 403-675-3130Address 1A, 1306 Bow Valley Trail, Canmore


Phone 403-678-5959Phone 403-678-5959Address 2000 8 Avenue, Canmore

The Grande Kitchen + BarUpscale

Phone 403-675-0269Phone 403-675-0269Address 901 Mountain St, Canmore

Tavern 1883Pub

Phone 403-609-2000Phone 403-609-2000Address 709 9th St, Canmore


Phone 403-609-6701Phone 403-609-6701Address 2000 Silvertip Trail, Canmore

The Vermillion RoomFine

Phone 403-762-6860Phone 403-762-6860Address 405 Spray Avenue, Fairmont Banff Springs, Banff

Nourish BistroUpscale

Phone 403-760-3933Phone 403-760-3933Address 221 Bear St, Banff


Phone 403-762-2467Phone 403-762-2467Address 221 Bear Street, Banff

Bear Street TavernCasual

Phone (403) 762-2021Phone (403) 762-2021Address 211 Bear St, Banff

Domino’sFast Casual

Phone (403) 609-4443Phone (403) 609-4443Address 906 Bow Valley Trail Unit #3, Canmore

The Elk and OarsmanPub

Phone 403-762-4616Phone 403-762-4616Address 119 Banff Avenue, Banff

St. James’s GatePub

Phone 403-762-9355Phone 403-762-9355Address 207 Wolf Street, Banff

Melissa’s MissteakFamily

Phone 403-762-5511Phone 403-762-5511Address 218 Lynx St, Banff


Phone 403-762-2622Phone 403-762-2622Address 537 Banff Avenue, Banff


Phone 403-762-6860Phone 403-762-6860Address 405 Spray Avenue (Fairmont Banff Springs), Banff

Crave Mountain GrillCasual

Phone 403-760-3255Phone 403-760-3255Address 222 Lynx Street, Banff

Pho HouseCasual

Phone 403-762-0334Phone 403-762-0334Address 211 Banff Avenue (3rd floor), Banff


Phone 403-762-4414Phone 403-762-4414Address 299 Banff Avenue at Wolf St , Banff

Old Spaghetti FactoryFamily

Phone 403-760-2779Phone 403-760-2779Address Cascade Shops, 317 Banff Avenue, Banff

Rundle BarUpscale

Phone 403-762-6860Phone 403-762-6860Address Fairmont Banff Springs, 405 Spray Avenue, Banff

La TerrazzaUpscale

Phone 403-760-3271Phone 403-760-3271Address 222 Lynx St, Banff


Phone 403-762-3848Phone 403-762-3848Address 415 Banff Avenue, Banff

Juniper BistroUpscale

Phone 403-763-6219Phone 403-763-6219Address 1 Juniper Road, Banff


Phone 403-762-1848Phone 403-762-1848Address Rimrock Resort Hotel, 300 Mountain Avenue, Banff

1888 Chop HouseFine

Phone 403-762-6860Phone 403-762-6860Address Fairmont Banff Springs, 405 Spray Avenue, Banff

De’d DogPub

Phone 780-9852-4328Phone 780-9852-4328Address 404 Connaught Drive, Jasper

Montana’s BBQ & BarFamily

Phone 780-852-3920Phone 780-852-3920Address 640 Connaught Drive, Jasper

KFC & Pizza HutFast Casual

Phone 780-852-5520Phone 780-852-5520Address 640 Connaught Drive, Jasper

A&WFast Casual

Phone 780-852-4004Phone 780-852-4004Address 640 Connaught Drive, Jasper

Jasper China RestaurantCasual

Phone 780-852-3028Phone 780-852-3028Address 615 Patricia St, Jasper

Earls in the RockiesCasual

Phone 780-852-3868Phone 780-852-3868Address 600 Patricia St, Jasper

The Inn GrillCasual

Phone 780-852-3232Phone 780-852-3232Address 98 Geike St, Jasper

The Whisky Jack GrillCasual

Phone 780-852-3585Phone 780-852-3585Address 100 Juniper St (next to Tonquin Inn), Jasper

The Emerald LoungeUpscale

Phone 780-852-3301Phone 780-852-3301Address Old Lodge Road, Jasper

ALBA RestaurantUpscale

Phone 780-852-4002Phone 780-852-4002Address 610 Patricia St, Jasper

Fiddle River RestaurantUpscale

Phone 780-852-3032Phone 780-852-3032Address 620 Connaught Drive (upstairs), Jasper


Phone 403-678-9886Phone 403-678-9886Address 629 Main St, Canmore