Getting Older at Gaucho’s 2.0

    Kate Barker November 1, 2019

    So you may remember last year we celebrated my partner’s birthday at Gaucho Brazilian Barbecue. Well birthdays are one of those sneaky things that happen every year. This time around, once again, we found ourselves at Gaucho’s for the event. I feel this may be the start of a tradition.

    We had a seat in the atrium, right by the huge windows overlooking Canmore’s main street. With the sun setting earlier this time of year, we spent most of the evening watching tourists under the streetlights as they went to and from their adventures. We sipped on caipirinhas, specialty cocktails designed to “open the stomach”. We knew we’d need all the help we could get with the meal ahead. Even though we looked at the menu, we didn’t really look at the menu. We all knew what we were here for: the rodizio.

    If you’ve never had rodizio before, it’s an all-you-care-to-eat dining extravaganza! Servers bring churrasco skewers with different kinds of meat to your table and offer you small pieces of each one. You can decide if you’d like more meat to come, or if you’d like to take a break. The experience also comes with access to the side bar, which has traditional Brazilian side dishes and fresh salads. You know, so you don’t eat just meat all night.

    The rodizio featured the classics: spicy garlic brisket, spolumbo’s gaucho sausage, chicken wings, parmesan beef, angus beef ribs, bacon wrapped chicken, honey mustard lamb, garlic top sirloin, warm cheese buns, barbecued pineapple and our all-time favourite: chicken hearts! (It’s come to my attention that not everyone shares the same passion for chicken hearts… But if you haven’t tried them, you should. They’re little morsels of deliciousness packed in a bite-sized piece of awesomeness. Seriously, they’re amazing.)

    As always, the service at Gaucho’s was second to none. Everyone was professional, helpful and they always had a smile on their faces. It was great to see the staff having fun with this unique dining style. Their enthusiasm certainly passed on to our party and the people surrounding us.

    Gaucho’s serves desserts too. By the time I remembered there were desserts, I was way too full on all the delicious options of the rodizio and I hadn’t saved enough room for my sanity, never mind something sweet! I did see people ordering them though, and I made a mental note to try and save room next time. I’m not hopeful I’ll be able to resist the lure of the rodizio, however.

    So, once again, my partner got older and we celebrated by getting way too full at Gaucho Brazilian Barbecue.

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