Sumptuous Lunch at The Sensory

    Derrick Szuszkiel July 5, 2019

    Before my editor, Kate, offered to take me out for lunch to celebrate the completion of my internship, I had heard rumours about The Sensory lunch menu.

    The Sensory is billed as Canmore’s new fine dining restaurant, while their lunch menu puts forward a more relaxed vibe. You can tell, because every item for their lunch lineup has a groaner pun name. I guess that’s why they call it the Wit Menu! It’s a smart move appealing to the Canmore lunch crowd and it certainly worked out for us!

  • The sun was just coming out from some rain clouds when we approached the Shops of Canmore. Looking up we knew where we were going to sit, it had to be that stellar patio they have.

    Walking into The Sensory you immediately get a sense of how classy it is. The motif is meant to evoke that foraging element. The walls have the colour of beechwood, all greys, whites and blacks, while the tables are adorned with curious looking flowers. Two focal points are their classy bar and the huge wine room with bottles upon bottles displayed on racks behind glass windows.

    The place is pretty spacious as well. There are two floors the with the lower potion arranged like a large lounge. We were led upstairs to the patio to find another spacious dining area complete with a private room.

    They have a fantastic patio view to boot. It overlooks the hustle and bustle of Bow Valley trail with panoramic views of two mountain ranges including of Ha-Ling peak and beyond. We were both very impressed.

    I started with coffee, but to my surprise, and delight, Kate ordered a Wild Life Gin and Tonic. Cocktails are another specialty of The Sensory. The Bulletproof Old Fashioned was my choice in that case. We ordered everything all at once since we wanted to limit the number of trips our server had to make up and down the stairs. He was a good sport about the extra cardio.

    I adored this old fashioned. The first ingredient is ‘pork belly fat washed bourbon’ which I imagine is designed as an homage bulletproof coffee where you add butter to the mix. I heard the fat is supposed to make the active ingredient last longer in your blood stream and I’ll say I felt light and happy from the bourbon hours after drinking it.

    It really was something else. A nice punch of whiskey along with a notable sweetness and wonderful orange scent. It came with salted caramel piece that began to dissolve in the drink permeating it with salty caramel goodness.

    Kate and I chatted about work and my plans for the future while we sipped our drinks when our food arrived. Kate had the Cluckin’ Good chicken sandwich while I decided to try this Wit Burger I had heard about.

    We had both ordered potato wedges, and these are something else on their own. They were perfectly cooked, delightfully salty with a nice smoky paprika spiciness. They tasted amazing with their made-from-scratch ketchup.

    The main event was spectacular. This is one of the finest lunchtime burgers I’ve had in the Valley! It was so juicy and tender with an excellent ground-chuck-forward flavour. The ‘diner inspired’ bun was pillow soft while the ingredients between were so fresh and flavourful. Kate said she loved her chicken sandwich. I’m almost a little jealous because I do love fried chicken. Next time though, next time.

    We lingered and chatted while I had a second cup of coffee. It was nice to spend a bit of time with Kate in a very casual lunch setting that didn’t involve planning the next Where Magazine or debriefing a Facebook live event. Just chatting like two friends out for lunch.

    A pretty good way to end an internship if I do say so myself. Thanks Kate. Thanks, RMV.

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