Light Lunch at the Bear Street Tavern

    Robyn Moore May 17, 2016

    “What do you want for lunch?”

    This question has stumped many a hesitant diner. Fortunately for me, it’s a pretty easy choice when I’m in Banff. With a surplus of patios and heaps of delicious fare, I can always find something to suit.


    On this particular day, a few friends of mine were passing through Banff and were craving a patio and some sangria.

    We decided the Bear Street Tavern fit the bill, and we were soon seated and soaking up the sun. We immediately ordered a Sangria Boozy Punch Bowl. Beware, these punch bowls are dangerously large and dangerously delicious. The sangria is a nice blend of rosé lemonade, Sprite and boozy berries.

    For lunch, I opted for a lighter choice with the Mediterranean Salad. Served with garlic pita, this combination of feta, cucumber, tomato, onion, olives and romaine is tasty and huge, perfect for a hot day.

    Both Scott and Mallory had the Grown-Up Grilled Cheese – one with ham and one without. I of course had a taste. The gooey brie, cheddar and gouda combination is anything but boring and the pesto adds a nice flavour punch. The side salad makes this a perfectly rounded meal.

    Our other two friends ordered pizzas, of course! It’s hard to come to the Tavern and not have a taste of the pizza.

    Adelle had the Primo Italiano, a salami, capicola and prosciutto mix with onions, peppers and mushrooms. It was a good warm weather choice, but still hit the spot.

    Nicole went for the Godfather – one of my personal favourites – with prosciutto, olives, arugula and lots of garlic.

    The Bear Street Tavern has been one of my favourite places to eat in town and continues that winning streak with their stellar pizzas.

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