Crowd Pleasing Pizza at the Bear Street Tavern

    Robyn Moore August 14, 2015

    A recent meal at the Bear Street Tavern confirmed my belief that pizza should in fact be a food group.

    A couple of friends and I headed to the Tavern after a day full of fresh mountain air. We were quickly seated in the busy restaurant, and a friendly server immediately brought us water and informed us of the specials.

  • For Graeme, the $9 stein was too hard to pass up. However, I knew that the pizzas were glorious and didn’t want to waste any precious space that could be filled with pizza.

    We each ordered a pizza, and Jenna and I decided a salad was justified, not to mention the table next to us had one and it looked fantastic.

    The food promptly arrived – a relief to the group, as we were starting to get tempted to take down a passing server whenever delicious aromas from other diners’ plates wafted into our faces.

    We started with the salad. The Mediterranean salad has cucumber, tomato, red onion, feta and olives. The vinaigrette was tangy and pleasant, and the salad was fresh – a welcome accompaniment.

    Graeme chose the Donair pizza, and I quote, “Because what could be better than donairs and pizza?” With housemade bison donair meat, combined with the usual donair ‘fixins’, the pizza looked like a college boy’s dream.

    Jenna selected the Godfather pizza, not only because of her excellent taste in 1970 mafia films but because the pizza is loaded with prosciutto, roasted garlic, arugula, olives, grand padano, and mozzarella and truffle oil. As one of my personal favourites, I know the Godfather certainly does not disappoint.

    Last but not least, I had the Big Bird pizza. I call this one “everyone’s favourite” because I have yet to meet someone who didn’t fall in love with the chicken, bacon, onion, goat cheese/mozzarella combination with a pesto sauce drizzle.

    We left the Bear Street Tavern stuffed and content, knowing we’d be back soon.

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