Get Comfortable With Breakfast at Smitty’s

    Kate Barker February 13, 2019

    It’s a Canadian classic, Smitty’s, with their varied selection and famous all-day breakfast. First thing on a cold – FREEZING cold – February morning, the smiling faces of the Smitty’s staff warm you up just as much as their delicious food. Their classic coffee never finds the bottom of your mug and they serve a wide variety of teas to get your day started. The best part? Their breakfasts are always hot and delicious.

    As we entered the restaurant, we were greeted by Alfred Kong, the owner of Smitty’s in Jasper. We got comfortable in our seats and looked over the many tasty options. What to choose? After perusing the endless options, I settled on the crepes. Served with strawberries and whipped cream, they presented an irresistible option and a much-needed morning boost. Our server made sure we had warm drinks and water before placing our order with the chefs.

    While waiting for our food to arrive, Alfred entertained us with bubbles outside in the cold winter air. Watching them freeze and land in perfect little spheres was certainly entertaining, even though it was a reminder of the frigid temperatures. I was glad to have my hands wrapped around a warm pot of tea!

    Breakfast was served hot, fresh and delicious. What else would you expect from a trusted Canadian restaurant like Smitty’s? Not only was the food tasty, but it looked stylish on the plate as the bright red strawberries contrasted the white plate and pale crepes. After a few photos, that breakfast disappeared in a hurry! The eggs benny, a Smitty’s classic, also met every expectation. The dish certainly looked good, all smothered in classic hollandaise sauce with a fruit bowl on the side.

    Smitty’s all-day breakfasts require a lot of eggs. Alfred told us he tests every potential chef by asking them to cook an egg, over easy. “It’s so simple yet challenging to pull off. We cook a lot of eggs here at Smitty’s and we pride ourselves that they are perfect every time.”

    Next time you’re looking for breakfast in Jasper, try Smitty’s. Their homey, classic breakfasts will help you start your day right!


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