Dreaming of Papa George’s

    Kyle Kerpan with Kate Barker January 10, 2019

    Don’t you just love those meals that leave you dreaming about them long after you’ve left?

    Welcome to Papa George’s, where the memories of the food stay with you long after your time in Jasper! It’s been a couple of months since eating at Papa George’s, and we still can’t get that meal out of our heads.

    Papa George’s has excellent staff, a relaxed atmosphere and amazing food. The restaurant offers a cozy, down-home feeling so indicative of Jasper. The ambiance allows for conversation, with music set at just the right volume so you can hear everyone in your party, but no one from the tables around you. It sets the mood for an enjoyable meal and conversation.

    Upon arriving, Papa George’s staff will seat you right away. Got kids? No problem! They will bring you a booster seat and crayons with paper to keep the little ones active during your meal. Need anything else? They’ll quickly accommodate you in any way they can.

    The meal starts with fresh bread. Just try not to wolf it down! More is always on the way if you finish too soon.

    The appetizers feature classics including French Onion Soup and unique dishes like Pastilla, a Moroccan specialty that blends fresh spices like mint and savoury with meat in a baked phyllo. The fresh spices really make this appetizer pop with flavour. It is made with traditional ingredients, giving you a taste of another country, right here in the Rockies. The fries are crispy and full of flavour as well. They’re a hit with kids!

    While all of their food is delicious, the local’s favourite is the Mushroom and Chicken Ravioli. These little morsels of goodness are stuffed with different kinds of mushrooms, chicken and bacon. They’re slathered in a homemade cream sauce that makes the whole dish unbelievably delicious. The ravioli is also a favourite among staff, who choose it time and again for special events.

    Did you order too much food? No worries! Papa George’s has biodegradable cardboard take-away boxes, so you can enjoy your meal a second time and the world can enjoy less waste.

    The overall experience of Papa George’s, from the friendly staff to the delicious food, will have you dreaming of returning long after you have left the restaurant. Bottom line: These guys really know what they’re doing!

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