The Drake Pub Wednesday Wing Nights

    Derrick Szuszkiel February 14, 2019

    Since moving back to Canmore a few months ago, a couple of my local friends invited me to Wing Night at the Drake.

    There’s nothing more appealing to a millennial like me than cheap chicken wings. We enjoy it so much, we’ve made Drake Wing Nights into a bit of a tradition.

    This is the case for many locals it would seem. The Drake is packed every Wednesday for Wing Night. I like seeing all the different groups of people who are all here for the same thing. Clusters of twenty somethings huddle together, seniors talk and sip their pints, while families look to get something to eat on the cheap with their kids. Groups are always making use of the pool tables and dartboards on the other side of the pub.

    Every time I’ve gone for wings, I make sure to get in early and grab a table for my friends and me. I don’t mind because coming early gives me a chance to enjoy their happy hour, which runs from 4 till 7. You can get draft pints or glasses of house wine for $5.50, as well as domestic bottles for $4.75! The Drake Pub also has a great run of food and drink specials happening every week, all year long!

    Let’s Talk Wings

    So how about those wings. Are they worth the effort? The answer is an emphatic yes! For $5, you get a pound of wings with 8 different sauces to choose from. The wings themselves are breaded, which I love, they have a nice crunch, which I also love, and they have enough meat on the bone to satisfy my hunger, which I love most of all.

    I’ve tried their wings in every sauce they offer. My friends usually go for a combination of mango chili, lemon pepper and classic honey garlic. The most unique flavour is their jerk wings, which have a combination of citrus sourness and peppery spiciness. I’m not an expert when it comes to Caribbean flavours, but they certainly are good. Personally, I’m a sucker for their sweet, tangy barbecue sauce and their Woody’s XXX hot sauce, when I want something a little on the spicier side.

    That barbecue sauce reminds me of something I’ve been meaning to try: The Drake Smokehouse menu. There aren’t many places in Canmore where you can get this kind of smoked meat, and like I said, I am a sucker for barbecue. Next time I’ll be sure to get some that delicious smoked brisket with southern style sides.

    When I look around at the sea of patrons enjoying their wings, it definitely gives me a sense of what this pub is all about. People laughing, smiling, enjoying a good meal. No matter if you’re fresh off the hill and ravenous or you just want to catch up with friends, the Drake Pub is where you want to be.

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