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    January 3, 2019

    Full disclosure: I lived in Newfoundland for years and when it comes to fresh fish I can be a bit of a snob.

    Okay, more than a bit, I’m a HUGE seafood snob! When I’m told I can get FRESH fish, I expect it to still smell like the ocean.

    The locals of Canmore vote the Georgetown Inn the “Best Fish & Chips” every year. So there must be something to it, right? I figured it was worth a try. One day, several years ago, I decided to test this so-called “best fish & chips.” I approached the event with a snobby preconceived notion that it would be disappointing. What does this landlocked province know about fish anyway?

    I was wrong.

    This place knows fish.

    The halibut is fresh and the batter crispy. It is cooked lightly so it retains its natural flavour while still holding its texture in an oh-so-delicious fried batter goodness. It is reminiscent of my eastern roots and could rival any fish & chip joint in downtown St. John’s. With a choice between one or two pieces, served with fries of course, there is enough to fill any appetite. But it doesn’t stop there. The meal also comes with homemade coleslaw and the best tartar sauce I have ever tasted. I have to ask for two servings because I need one for the fish and one for the fries. It is just THAT good!

    They serve other things at Georgetown. From what I’ve heard, they’re all delicious. I always think I should try some of their classics like the Triple Crown Chicken Burger, the Lady Mac Beef Dip, the Shepherd’s Pie or the Stuffed Yorkshire Pudding. One day I will. But I’m always drawn to their famous fish & chips because they are so delicious, and they come with a sense of nostalgia for some good times with my younger self in another beautiful place.

    Speaking of nostalgia, this place is full of it! From the pictures of early mountain climbers that cover the walls to the paraphernalia of original equipment used by the early mountaineers, the pub brings a sense of history to their food. The mountain heritage continues forward with the Triple Crown Challenge. Climb the three signature peaks of Canmore – Mount Lady Macdonald, Ha Ling Peak and the East End of Rundle – and receive a specialty mug and a free beer! Of course, there’s the personal satisfaction that you’ve accomplished something truly indicative of the mountain experience.

    Whether you’re looking for some great fish, or you’re looking to experience Canmore’s mountain culture, stop by Georgetown. Eat delicious food, enjoy their friendly service and experience a meal you sure won’t forget. Since that first time, I regularly return to the pub just to get my fill of fresh fish. And when the local newspaper asks residents to vote for the Best in the Bow awards, I vote Georgetown for “Best Fish & Chips.”

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