Rose & Crown: A Late Night Favourite

    Robyn Moore July 10, 2015

    When the return takes a little longer than expected on a summer backpacking trek, the last thing I want to do is go home and cook dinner. Luckily for me a Banff favourite is open late – Rose & Crown.

    Rose & Crown is satisfyingly local. Between the homey atmosphere and the laughs of those around you, it’s a comfortable environment to settle into.

    My boyfriend Scott and I quickly seated ourselves at a table and a friendly server came over to greet us with water immediately.

    As we poured over the menu, I told myself,  focus. This is a chance to try something new, rather than your regular plate of fish and chips (which I highly recommend for a classic done just as a classic should be).

    Rose and Crown

    I ended up selecting the rosellini de pasta. With a description including the words ‘pasta’ and ‘drenched’ and ‘cream sauce,’ how could I go wrong? Scott also chose a hearty option, the Rangeland elk stew.

    While we waited for the arrival of our dinner, we peered from the second floor onto Banff Avenue, watching the antics of the evening unfold.

    Elk Stew Rose and Crown

    Time soon passed, and before we knew it our meals had arrived. My pasta was delicious, rich and creamy, and everything bad that just tastes so good. My sample of Scott’s stew left me wanting another as the heavy meat wrapped in a delicate puff pastry melted on my tongue.

    We devoured our meals, a perfect end to a long day.

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