Park Yourself in Banff for Fondue at the Distillery

    Calli Naish October 4, 2017

    When you move to a new town, you subconsciously search for old familiarity in the new surroundings. Cheese, bread, good whiskey—these are some of my old faithfuls. Thankfully, although I just recently moved to Canmore, I also have some good company. On a near weekly basis, we meet in Canmore, Lake Louise or Banff and study the comfort of food. Our most recent savory library was Park Distillery.


    As the name suggests, this restaurant offers no shortage of cocktails. And cocktails were our first order of business. We settled on two beverages of completely different styles both made from Park Distillery’s own spirits. The Backcountry Tea was selected for its rye base, sweet citrus flavours, and mint melodies. I opted for the bolder flavours offered by the Observation Peak. I would be lying if I said I chose it for any other reason than the smoked cedar square it wore (which is currently being used as an air-freshener in my car, still exuding a log cabin fireplace aroma each time I open the door). Perfection.

    With drinks suiting our personalities in hand, we went to our table. We sipped in happy silence while perusing the menu. It offers a variety of starters, smaller bites, shareable items, and full campfire-style dinners. It didn’t take long before we decided that we needed a little cheese therapy. So we ordered the Banff Ave. Fondue to start and, believing chicken would be a light fare after this decadence, two orders of ¼ Rotisserie Chicken.

    While we waited for our orders we took in the atmosphere, which is a little rustic Canadian meets industrial pub. Warm plaids and dark woods create a laid back feel, and are complemented by the denim-clad servers. Meanwhile, the garage doors and metallic sheen off the glass remind you this isn’t your average “backcountry cabin” themed restaurant. If we’d shown up on time we could have toured the distillery. But we arrived a little later than 3:30, so we simply admired its copper presence from a distance. The place was busy but comfortable. thankfully there was minimal wait until we were quickly dipping into our first course.

    We were presented with a large fondue pot of bubbling Gruyere, accompanied by several pieces of lightly toasted bread, a selection of pickles, sliced pear and radish. In a matter of minutes considered asking for more bread as we had consumed all but the radish slices (neither of us particularly like radish). We stared longingly into the lingering cheese.

    Before we had a chance to ask for additional dipping items the forks had been drawn and the pot impolitely consumed sans bread. We shamelessly enjoyed every molten bite so much so that before our second course had even arrived, we were already discussing how we were going to be set for lunch the following day. Despite our fullness, we welcomed the delicious sight of two plates of rotisserie chicken on beds of mashed potatoes and roasted vegetables, garnished with grilled lemon and tiny skillets of gravy. Needless to say, we made room and gorged ourselves on a second course that was as satisfying as the first.

    An experience as fulfilling socially as it was nutritionally, the Park Distillery is definitely on my “again” list. With a cocktail list that has a variety of tastes in mind and fondue for days, it should probably be on everyone’s “try” list. If you do go, maybe pair your shareable dishes with some of the smaller bites. Or follow in our footsteps, allow your eyes to be far bigger than your stomachs and stretch your dining experience into tomorrow’s lunch.

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