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    Jo Ryan 11 months ago
    • Scott Hergott

    If you’re local (+ lucky!) you may have been to Farm + Fire to pick up some unreal Saturday morning cinnamon buns. You may have also swung by for après ski beverages and enjoyed the cozy ambiance by the fireplace.

    If you haven’t treated yourself to dinner here though, you’ve been missing out. Using fresh, local ingredients, they’ve created a delicious menu that will impress even the most discerning foodie with its creative pairings and robust flavours that come through the slow roasted and wood fired cooking methods predominantly used here. With handsome portions, their meals are meant to be shared but you should definitely bring your appetite.

    • Scott Hergott

    Bring your appetite and try their delicious 48 hour braised short rib served with bone marrow, blue cheese polenta, demi, crispy onion and carrot straw. On the lighter side, but just as delectable and wonderfully unique, they offer bannock with an assortment of butters: carrot & chive, confit garlic, and honey berry. You’re in for a treat with whatever you choose from their menu. I chatted with Banff Properties executive chef, Scott Hergott to learn more about what makes Farm & Fire so special.

    JR: Part of what makes Farm & Fire so special is its commitment to a farm to table approach to dining. How do you select which local suppliers you work with?

    SH: “We are all about creating relationships with our farms and suppliers! It is important to understand where our food comes from, and that it is grown with passion! We don’t have a specific list of expectations when it comes to suppliers, we love to create relationships with passionate suppliers that grow or make exceptional products.”

    JR: Where do you pull inspiration from for your menu?

    SH: “The inspiration comes from the farmers and the suppliers we work with! Our goal is to create dishes that you would find if you would visit a farm. Simple, ingredient driven offerings that showcase the amazing ingredients, served in larger portions sizes, intended to be shared like you were sitting at a large family table.”

    JR: If guests could try one thing from the menu which would you recommend

    SH: “Hard question… Our spit roasted chicken is brined in locally sourced Banff Roasting coffee, and our flatbreads are cooked in our wood burning forno oven, specifically the fungi and margherita have been on our menu since we opened the doors.”

    JR: Are there any key ingredients you’d say your restaurant cannot live without?

    SH: “This might sound cliché, but its passion! Cooking is a feeling, it’s a desire to nourish people. Food has the power to bring back an old memory or create a brand new one! If you want an ingredient answer to your question, it is salt… Seasoning can turn a dish from good to great!”

    JR: You guys opened in the midst of the pandemic—hats off to you for not only staying afloat but truly blossoming into a culinary gem for locals and tourists alike. Now that you’ve gotten yourself established a bit, what’s something you’re looking forward to at Farm & Fire in 2023?

    SH: “Thank you. Originally slated to open in April of 2020, we took advantage of the few extra months to work on the dishes and really focus on our brand. We are proud of where we have come in the last 3 years. Our breakfast has been a bigger success than what we ever imagined and love the local support we have seen. 2023 will be all about finding new and interesting farmers and suppliers and ensuring that every guest that comes in, either local or a tourist on vacation, will get a true farm fresh experience.”

    JR: Staffing shortages have plagued the hospitality industry in recent years—what’s something you try and do to recruit and retain staff?

    SH: “This is a question for our team. They are the ones that continue to show up each day and deliver amazing experiences to our guests! We as a leadership team always strive to create a positive and inclusive kitchen that supports the growth of each cook. The whole team is involved in the menu development process, this is not something that happens often in kitchens, but we believe that if you are part of the process, a lot of pride can be seen in each dish.”

    JR: The cocktails (and even the mocktails) at Farm & Fire are so unique and creative—would you ever consider offering a tasting menu with cocktail pairings as a special event?

    SH: “We have done special events in the past that have included cocktail and wine pairings. We are always looking for exciting ways to highlight our local producers. Keep an eye out on our website for the next farm and drink influenced menu event!”

    JR: You have live music on Wednesdays—will you be rotating through local artists?

    SH: “We currently have the fabulously talented Steph O’Dette on Wednesdays, but we have had other local artists, and will work with Steph and her local connections to have many local artists during the summer!”

    JR: For anyone looking to host a special event in the Rockies, there are so many beautiful venues and delicious restaurants to choose from—what’s something special that sets Farm & Fire a bit above the rest?

    SH: “I believe that our love to serve great food, our attention to detail and our exceptional team, both front and back of house, are what set us apart.”


    Do yourself a favour and head on down to Farm & Fire for a delicious evening of fun—you’ll be so glad you did!

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