Flavourful, Fresh Lunch Special at Silver Dragon

    Afton Aikens May 26, 2015

    I had never eaten at Silver Dragon before, and everything about my first visit to this Chinese restaurant was impressive.

    Silver Dragon is just outside downtown Banff across the Bow River Bridge (and has parking, a plus in Banff!).

  • I was greeted at the door when I walked in, and seated and brought a glass of water and a menu immediately. My table was beside a large window with views of Rundle, Tunnel and Cascade mountains, draped in fog on this rainy spring day.

    A friendly server took my order right away and asked if I was comfortable with chop sticks (which I am when it comes to sushi, but in this instance I opted for cutlery as well just in case). I went for the lunch special A (there are two other options) with a spring roll, steamed rice, stir fried mixed vegetables, and sweet and sour chicken balls.

    I glanced around the restaurant as I waited for my order and admired the cherry blossom trees painted on the walls, and the intricate red lampshades and paper decorations hanging from the ceiling. Silver Dragon also has an open-to-view bar with panel lighting around the sides and interesting wood beam accents.

    The restaurant wasn’t busy, but had about 10 tables full when I arrived. A large group came in after me and was seated in a private function room off to the side.

    The spring roll was the first to arrive at my table (and promptly). It was light, crispy and served with a citrusy sauce that complemented the freshness of the sliced vegetables, shrimp and barbecued pork filling.

    Everything else arrived quickly, too. I realized that I would be taking half of it home (the lunch special A is great value – $13 for a lot of food). The chicken balls were accompanied by pineapple and green pepper, and had a tangy sweet and sour sauce that was just the right amount. The breading was crispy, but not too crunchy.

    The rice and steamed vegetables were all hot and tasted fresh, which made me feel good about this healthier, non-breaded portion of the meal.

    At this point, my water had been refilled a few times and I’d chatted with the servers (it was a working lunch and I was dining alone) and was ready to leave, already looking forward to finishing the meal for dinner.

    Silver Dragon also offers takeout and delivery.

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