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    Kate Barker July 3, 2020

    Pursuit opened their latest restaurant, Farm & Fire, in the Elk & Avenue hotel on Banff’s Main Street.

    This restaurant boasts a refreshingly delicious menu carefully crafted from ingredients from small, local, organic farmers. The flavours are bold, and the menu brings forward the best of Banff and the Canadian Rockies.

    More than just a restaurant for tourists, Farm & Fire caters to locals and visitors alike, priding themselves on generating a base of returning customers and providing the area with exceptional take-out options.

    David Ryc is the executive chef of Farm & Fire. He’s added all the final touches that we needed to complete the menu. David’s made it something far greater than what we all expected.Pursuit Executive Chef Scott Hergott

    One of these farms, The Bear and the Flower, is known for their humanely outdoor raised pigs, which provide some of the best pork products around. They’re dedicated to revolutionizing the pork industry and they’ve done award-winning work with Chef Hergott before. “We want to show people that we can do great things at the top of the mountains,” says Hergott.

    More than just great food, Farm & Fire promises a culinary experience. “We’re an attraction company,” says Hergott, “and we want to give people an experience. How do we make food taste as good as the mountains? We really want to make sure we are showing everyone what Canada has to offer.” The menu is inspired by the breathtaking landscapes that surround Banff. “This is one of the most amazing places in Canada and we get to see things that people rarely get to see. We want people to experience that.”

    Everything at the restaurant features a uniquely Canadian flair. From the classic, truly Canadian poutine to the dishes that show off prime Alberta beef and even the flatbreads that have a uniquely Canadian spin, emphasized by local ingredients. Their cocktails also feature the best Canadian spirits, including products from local Wild Life, Eau Claire and Park Distilleries.

    Farm & Fire was originally slated to open in April, but the restrictions surrounding the pandemic caused them to wait until June before showing off their new concepts. The goal of this restaurant is to create something that embodies the experience of Banff, from great food to great views and a great time spent in the restaurant. Chef Hergott says, “We’re seeing some great return customers. That’s how I dictate how well we’re doing – especially in a town like Banff where there are a lot of options. It’s great when people want to come back.”

    Farm & Fire Interior

    We had the chance to try some of the wood-fired cuisine at Farm & Fire, including Chef Hergott’s favourite dishes: the scotch eggs and the pig wings. The eggs are soft poached with pork sausage from The Bear and the Flower Farm, and they’re battered to perfection. The pig wings are actually pork shanks, served with celery and buttermilk blue cheese dressing, just like a traditional chicken wing. It was surprising and delicious, and something unique to Farm & Fire.

    The delicious food was accompanied by some unique cocktails, including Tea Thyme, a chilled cocktail with Wild Life gin, La Quintinye vermouth royal, thyme infused green tea and lavender aroma. It was refreshing, not too sweet and the perfect taste of the mountains.

    We can’t wait to try more of the dishes Chef Rys creates. We’ll be returning soon.


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