De’d Dog Dinner

    Kate Barker March 7, 2019

    Firstly, it was a long drive from Canmore to Jasper. Then, it it was a full afternoon of meetings. Last thing I knew, I was starving.

    Enamoured with Jasper’s small town feel and hospitality, I wanted a place that represented that same local spirit. De’d Dog was recommended, and the catchy name had me seeking the place out. It was time for a De’d Dog Dinner.

    Walking through the door, I was met with a spacious bar and dining area complete with everything you’d want in a relaxed mountain dining establishment: ski paraphernalia, mountain photos, a stage for live music and several small groups of people chatting, playing pool and otherwise having a good time. Perfect.

    Our server was quick and friendly. She got us set up with drinks and menus right away. “In dog beers, you’ve only had one!” the menu said to me. Well then, I guess I’ll have another! I can see how that slogan might get dangerous on a Friday night.

    We ordered an artichoke dip to start. The plate came with the customary warm flatbread and tortilla chips, but it also had celery and carrots around the warm bowl of creamy dip. They made an excellent addition to the appetizer and they were fresh with a good crunch. I could kid myself that eating a vegetable meant I had a healthy meal.

    I went for a classic: the smoked cheddar and turkey club with yam fries. I have a weakness for yam fries with spicy chipotle mayo on the side. These satisfied all of my cravings so well I almost forgot about my sandwich! I’m told the salmon burger special and signature Canadian burger were also delicious. There were a couple of clean plates afterwards. The portions were more than generous, and I have to admit I couldn’t finish it all. I took home half my club for another day. It was just as good the second time around.

    For my first evening dining experience in Jasper, I was happy I chose a De’d Dog Dinner. Great food, good service and the relaxed atmosphere you would expect from this lovely mountain town. The De’d Dog is a must stop for a casual meal or a couple of drinks at the end of the day. As they say on their menu: Sit. Stay. Eat.

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