3 Hidden Gem Coffee Shops in Canmore

    March 8, 2018

    If you’re in Canmore and searching for your daily caffeine fix, you won’t have to search for long! There are a LOT of coffee shops in Canmore.

    There are several cafés within a stone’s throw distance in the downtown core alone.

    While some of the best coffee shops in Canmore around can be seen from the car as you drive down Main Street, here are three of our favourite “hidden gem” coffee shops that you might not know about:


    While it’s a little bit famous around town, you may not have found Eclipse because it’s not on Main Street (although it’s still an easy walk from the downtown core). Located at the intersection of Bow Valley Trail and Benchlands Trail, Eclipse is a specialty coffee roaster. They roast top quality raw products. Stop in, order a coffee (we love the pour-overs) and peek through the glass windows separating the shop from the roasting equipment. If you love what you taste, take some beans with you and savour the moment even longer.


    Located in Canmore’s industrial park, Mountain Blends is worth the drive. An organic coffee roaster that has been filling the needs of Canmorites for 26 years, Mountain Blends has recently undergone a renovation making the sitting area one that you won’t want to leave. Stop in and learn about how Mountain Blends works with small plantations to curate unique and specific flavours in the beans. Then pick some flavours to take home with you. What should you order? While anything goes, we love the cappuccino.


    A favourite for locals, the Bicycle Café might be a location that you missed because, well, it’s a bike shop. But even if you’re not a bike lover, make sure that you stop in because the fine folks working the coffee counter know a thing or two about making a delicious cup of coffee. Take a seat at the bar that looks out onto Main Street and count your lucky stars that you decided to fuel your day (or afternoon) with liquid gold. Once you taste a coffee from the Bicycle Café, you might also buy a bike. Coffee that good can only be made by someone who knows about the good stuff in life.

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