Breakfast on a Budget at Papa George’s

    John Strugnell February 28, 2017

    It’s a usual long weekend morning in Jasper: exhausted parents, restless children, lazy lovers, and busy dining rooms – but, have no fear, Papa George’s large, sunny dining room could accommodate an unreserved table for six with no problem at 10:30 am.

    Our party of three adults and three children under ten was easily seated at one of the tables that have fold-out wings ready to expand for more room, smattered among the larger rectangular and smaller four top square tables.

    Within mere minutes my endless (thank goodness!) mug of coffee was full, the (somewhat frozen) creamers were placed, and menus were handed out. Without hesitation the two eight-year-olds with us decided on the incredibly affordable ($8.50) breakfast special, while the excited three-year-old scrambled over the furniture and declined the scrambled eggs in favour of a pancake the size of his head. Substitutions were regrettably declined, and a side of sausages was ordered instead.

    Though the room was busy and the children were restless, the limitless cup of coffee – which was always refilled before I could find its bottom – kept me more than occupied until our meals arrived.

    I was torn between ordering classic eggs Benedict or having them over tomato and spinach. I opted for the veggie option. I am saturated in breakfast meats often enough. The sweet simplicity of the ripe tomato in contrast to the vinegar-y poached egg and lemony Hollandaise left me happy with my choice. My friends were returning to Jasper for Family Day weekend, and she said a trip to Papa George’s was on her list simply because of the Hollandaise. He enjoyed the back bacon and a tasty looking BLT, saying that bacon, lettuce, tomato, mayo, and cheddar was a combo he believed he would find in heaven.

    The boys finished their breakfast specials of eggs done to their choice, bacon, toast and hashbrowns. I gave my Benny no mercy, tapped out on coffee number three, and the BLT was reduced to nothing but toast crumbs when we had our bills brought to us. Then there it was, a beautiful $35 meal for myself and two hungry eight-year-old boys. Papa George’s breakfast menu is still a standing tradition in Jasper, and this time around I hadn’t even mentioned the breakfast skillets. That will have to wait for now unless you check them out for yourself first.

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