Breakfast at Tony Roma’s Banff

    Derrick Szuszkiel January 23, 2019
    • New look, new vibe at Tony Roma's Banff

    After taking an amazing tour of Banff’s Mount Royal Hotel, with Vice President of Operations Stuart Back, I felt a craving for a hearty breakfast. I recalled the Mount Royal Hotel wasn’t the only victim of the 2016 fire. Tony Roma’s Banff, which has shared the space with the hotel since 2003, also suffered smoke and water damage from firefighting efforts.

    Due to the damage, Tony Roma’s had to strip down and rebuild. They decided to use this opportunity to update and refurbish the entire restaurant. Their reconstruction took 23 months and the restaurant was re-opened on November 10th, 2018. The new and improved Tony Roma’s Banff features a “new menu, new look and new vibe.” The restaurant now offers a wide-open space with comfy chairs and ample seating room. They’ve installed modern looking decoration including cool light fixtures that give the illusion of flame jets. I like to think of it as ultra-modern steakhouse (or rib-house) meets family dining.

    Their new menu does sound tantalizing, and who wouldn’t want to drop in for some of their famous ribs? Unfortunately, this was not the right time of day for ribs. Something else about this location intrigued me: they serve breakfast. I honestly didn’t know Tony Roma’s served breakfast.

    I had the good fortune of being able to speak to the general manager, Jason Carruthers, while I sat down with my morning coffee. He told me, “There are only two Tony Roma’s in the world that serve breakfast. Tony Roma’s Banff, and Niagara Falls.” Two in the world? And I get to eat at one of them? I knew there was something special about that menu!

    Jason also pointed out that Tony Roma’s is open for breakfast at 7 am during the winter, and 6 am in the summer with their a la carte menu and a summertime breakfast buffet. With hours like that, you have the whole day for your outdoor adventures!

    • New look, new vibe at Tony Roma's Banff

    Tony Roma’s Breakfast

    I truly believe every good breakfast starts with awesome coffee. Tony Roma’s serves a delicious, bright and tangy roast. It’s a great blend to sip on a cold January morning. Both Jason and my server were incredibly attentive and personable. They made sure my coffee never found the bottom of the mug.

    Everything looked scrumptious as I perused the menu. They serve everything from eggs benedict to omelettes to classic breakfast combos. My eyes stopped on Breakfast Burrito. I absolutely adore anything wrapped in a tortilla, especially breakfast food.

    Not long after ordering, my burrito arrived. It was a true thing of beauty. However, since I’m a weirdo who eats his sides first, I started with the potato chunks. They were tender, lightly crisped and excellently salted.

    The breakfast burrito at Tony Roma’s was absolutely fantastic! Really top notch. The eggs were cooked omelette style, which gave consistent, fluffy texture throughout. I loved the red pepper and green onions which offered a nice sweetness. Sautéed mushrooms provided a bold, earthy flavour that ran underneath everything. The sausage gave it a wonderful savoury, salty taste. Cheddar cheese joined in with a gooey texture and a touch of sharpness. The tortilla was lightly toasted and made the perfect envelope to hold all these amazing breakfast flavours together. The portion control was also on point with enough food to leave me satisfied and ready to take on the rest of my day.

    Tony Roma’s Banff has been doing breakfast since 2003. Because of all that experience, they are truly spot on. Next time you find yourself looking for breakfast in Banff, get it at Tony Roma’s.

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