BLAKE Brewhouse & Distillery

    Jo Ryan February 28, 2023

    While it’s not uncommon for breweries and distilleries to offer a bite to eat and sit down space for dining, it is exceptionally rare to find one that serves food as delicious as what you’ll find at BLAKE Brewhouse & Distillery or an atmosphere quite so unique.

    The brewhouse and distillery is housed in a converted car garage which gives it a really fun industrial chic vibe. In the summertime they also have a “bustaurant” where you can try some of their delicious tacos and street food.

    I chatted with general manager, Brady Dunn, to learn more about what makes BLAKE Brewhouse & Distillery so special.

    "Living and working in a diverse community like Canmore means that we have team members from all over the globe to draw inspiration from."Brady Dunn, General Manager, BLAKE Brewhouse & Distillery

    JR: Where do you pull inspiration from for your menu?

    BD: We pull our inspiration from all around the world. Living and working in a diverse community like Canmore means that we have team members from all over the globe to draw inspiration from.


    JR: If guests could try one thing from the menu which would you recommend?

    BD: For the most flavour you can get on one plate I would recommend that guests try the Char Sui Bao Buns with a side of our delicious Street Fries. It’s a combo that can’t be beat!


    JR: Having your own brewery and distillery while successfully running a very popular restaurant is quite an impressive feat. Is it tricky managing the planning/production of both beer and spirits? Is there one that’s more popular among guests?

    BD: I have an amazing team in the restaurant and the brewery and distillery. They do an amazing job of keeping everything running smoothly. Our guests all love to sample everything they can, and that’s what makes it such a great experience to come to BLAKE. Don’t forget, we even make our own Ice Cream! We really do it all.”


    JR: What are you most excited for in the upcoming year at BLAKE?

    BD: I am really excited for what’s coming from our distillery this year. At the time of writing this we are weeks away from launching our Midway Gin collection. We will also be bottling our next batch of Miner’s Choice Rum, and could even have our Whisky on the shelves in 2023.


    JR: For folks not familiar with your custom beer option at the distillery can you tell us a little bit more about this? What sort of flavour profiles might someone be able to create? How much advance notice is required if someone wanted to create a custom beer for an upcoming event?

    BD: The sky is pretty much the limit on what we can create with our guests. Our Brewmaster, Callum, will sit down and map out a variety of options depending on what guests want to achieve. The more time you give us to help you prepare the more we can offer you.


    JR: Do you have any new beer creations or seasonal offerings coming up that folks can look forward to? Any chance of a sour?

    BD: As an Aussie missing home brews, I’ve been hoping for an Australian style Pale Ale for a while now. I’ve finally convinced Callum to make me one (that I approve of), so look for that towards summer.


    JR: The Three Sisters Chipotle Vodka is so deliciously spicy and fun. Do you have any plans to create any other unique spirits at the distillery?

    BD: Absolutely! Our Midway Pepper Gin is an amazing product that is great on its own or a cocktail. We are always looking to try something new and I’m sure there will be more unique spirits in our future.


    Head down to BLAKE Brewhouse & Distillery for a delicious evening. If you’re looking to spice things up a bit, try one of their cocktails with the Three Sisters Chipotle Vodka—this gives the chocolate martini in particular a special zing. Whether you’re craving sweet or savoury, beer or liquor, BLAKE has got you covered. Cheers!

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