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Ticino is excited to welcome guests back for dine in service!

Ticino is one of Banff’s longest operating family-owned restaurants. Named after the Italian canton of Switzerland, Ticino features fresh, authentic Swiss-Italian fusion dishes. Chefs make all meals from scratch, and have done so for generations. Dishes feature local ingredients, such as cured meats from Valbella Gourmet Foods in Canmore, free-range Alberta eggs, and local bison, elk and beef. The drink menu features wines from British Columbia and cocktails crafted with locally distilled spirits from Wild Life Distillery.

The restaurant interior is Swiss-inspired with Canadian and Italian influences. The menu encourages guests to slow down and savour the high-quality ingredients. Ticino is now managed by second-generation family members Angela and her husband, Louis-Pierre. The atmosphere remains welcoming and friendly with expert staff. The dining room has a glass atrium that looks toward the mountains and to Banff Avenue. Entering the restaurant makes you feel as though you’ve arrived in Europe.

Ticino is family owned and operated since 1979. Taste the experience.

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