Devil’s Table head chef Marcus Abrahamsson was born in Sweden. He was raised on the small Caribbean island of Bequia in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. His family ran multiple restaurants on the island, Such as the original Devil’s Table. Marcus worked in the kitchen from the early age of ten. He learned from his mother, who was also an accomplished chef. The family restaurant also employed Scandinavian cooks. They helped fuse big island flavours with European techniques. At 18 years old, Marcus went to Stockholm for a cooking apprenticeship. Afterwards he attended culinary school in Niagara.

Marcus met his wife, Carolyn, on the small island in the original Devil’s Table restaurant. They fused their passion for food, hospitality and travel. After many years of travelling, training and experiencing the world, they settled in Canmore. They purchased a small hotel, now known as Creekside Villa, and embarked on their journey. They opened their own Devil’s Table, which showcasestheir passion for food, drink and sharing with others. Now, they serve the freshest food in a fun, upscale environment. Come and enjoy the tastes of the island as well as the relaxed vibes of the Caribbean.

The menu tells the story of a beautiful buccaneer pirate captain, who ventures to the island of a handsome man. In exchange for the freedom and safety of his village, the handsome chef offered a feast using only the finest ingredients and his own secret recipes. The rest of the story, along with delicious food and cocktails, is at Devil’s Table.

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